Surgery, Anyone? This is as Real as It Gets for Vet Tech Students

Posted by on December 18, 2012

veterinary technology programStudents in the veterinary technology program at Minnesota School of Business in Blaine work together to implement skills they learned in previous classes while gaining new skills. The Anesthesiology and Small Animal Surgical Assisting classes run concurrently and teach students how to prepare animals for spay and neuter surgeries, calculate anesthetic drugs, maintain animals on anesthesia, and assist the veterinarian during the surgery.  Typically, full-time students take these courses in their sixth quarter.

During the surgery, the veterinarian quizzes the students on anatomy related to the procedure and proper names of surgical instruments being used to reinforce the information students learned in previous courses.

“It’s fun to watch the students gain confidence and improve their technical skills as the quarter progresses,” said Jennifer Timmerman, doctor of veterinary medicine.

During all surgical procedures, the animals are monitored by a student who is supervised by a Certified Veterinary Technician.   

“I learned how to effectively and efficiently work as a team with my classmates during the surgeries, and I know that this will be a good tool to have when I go out into the workplace,” said Jessica Clemmer, MSB veterinary technology student. “I found it rewarding to learn how to successfully place an IV catheter and intubate our furry patients, as well as learning what to look for while monitoring under anesthesia.

Clemmer continued, “It has been rewarding to know that our surgery patients are rescue animals, and that we are taking part in bettering their health to help them on their way to new homes. Overall, surgery class has really been a great hands-on learning experience.” 

Emily Carlson, another vet tech student, added, “Surgery class has been such a great experience. The hands-on work was wonderful and the whole class was able to gain so much knowledge from the different instructors we worked with.  It was educational and fun to really be a part of what our future job is, to participate in surgery.  I made many great memories and learned so much!”

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