AVID Learners: Sixth Graders Get College Prep 101

Posted by on December 17, 2012

AVID, Minnesota School of BusinessAs you may remember from a blog post in November, Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus has recently announced that it is the third college in the state to become an AVID school.  Staff and faculty at the campus are gearing up to fully launch the new methodologies in January with the start of Winter 2013 quarter, and some individuals have started to implement the strategies now. 

One exciting piece of the AVID system is that the K-12 schools in the area who also use AVID strategies take their students on college tours throughout the year.  On Thursday, Dec. 13, the MSB campus hosted their first tour for 60 sixth grade AVID students from Northeast Middle School in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Students arrived by bus and were welcomed by representatives from the admissions staff as well as Ann Deiman-Thornton, dean of faculty, and Hilary Dahlman, dean of students.  Kelly O’Brien, director of admissions, gave a short presentation to students about why it is important to start thinking about post-secondary plans now as well as some information specifically about our college. 

Following the presentation, students broke into three groups, and each group had the opportunity to sit in a classroom to experience a college class. 

The first group learned about private investigation and private security from Ryan Samuelson, criminal justice program chair.  The second group learned how the Federal Reserve influences the economic environment and the business world from Michael Zdychnec, health care management program chair.  The third group learned about linear equations from Michael Leonard, full time instructor.  The sixth graders were incredibly inquisitive and impressed the instructors and the college students sitting in the classrooms! 

AVID, Minnesota School of BusinessFor the next 45 minutes of the visit, students visited the three labs on campus.  Bard Meier, music and media business program chair, spoke to students about leaving their digital footprint through social media. Kara Kalbus, medical assisting instructor, showed off the medical labs and gave an exciting presentation with strange X-ray pictures.  Stephanie Petersen, massage therapy program chair, showed off oils, lotions, massage tables, and stones for hot stone massage. 

Students were able to ask questions, show off their curiosity, and see the similarities and differences between their classes and college classes.  

The students ended the visit with a pizza lunch and an AVID 3-2-1 activity in which they reflected on three things they learned, two questions they had, and one word to describe their visit. One student combined two words (“so” and “awesome”) to create one new word just for the occasion: “Soawesome.”

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