Taking Anxiety Out of Winter Trips to the Vet

Posted by on December 16, 2012

veterinary technology schoolsWhat do 12 pairs of snow boots and a vet tech school have in common? Give up?

Thanks to a veterinary technology class from Minnesota School of Business, 12 residents at Guardian Angels Senior Housing didn’t have to put snow boots on to take their pets out for a nail trimming or ear cleaning this month.

“In this kind of weather with snow out, it is really convenient for the residents to just bring their pets downstairs and not outside,” said senior housing manager Chris Anderson.

The complimentary nail trimming and ear cleaning clinic was held by veterinary technology students as part of an applied learning project for the Application of Veterinary Clinical Skills class. The clinic allowed the vet tech students to gain experience working with clients, and allowed them the opportunity to educate clients on proper pet care.

“Helping with the seniors’ pets was a great learning experience,” said student Ashley Wetzel. “It felt great to provide quality ear cleanings and nail trims to the pets that may not always be able to travel to a vet clinic.”

The project also gave students the chance to refine their communication skills with an older generation.

After the clinic, the vet tech students also had the opportunity to educate the seniors on proper dental care for their pets. 

Here are 5 dental care tips they provided to the seniors:

1. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Veterinary dentists recommend twice daily.

2. Have your pet’s teeth examined, at minimum, annually by their veterinarian.

3. Use pet-friendly toothpaste. Human toothpaste contains fluoride, which is not suitable for pet use.

4. Make brushing teeth a positive experience for your pet—reward them for sitting nicely while you brush their teeth.

5. Develop a consistent teeth brushing routine—brush teeth at the same time of day and in the same area of the house, so that your pet becomes familiar with the activity.

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