Jesse Lund Receives Purple Heart Award

Posted by on December 15, 2012

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Jesse Lund Family

Jesse Lund, a criminal justice degree student at Minnesota School of Business Online, was recently recognized for his outstanding service in Iraq with the Purple Heart award. The Purple Heart is one of the most prestigious honors a military service member can receive; however Lund’s came a price.

Due to the injuries Lund sustained during action in Iraq, he is unable to remember the heroic details of the day that left him with a limited memory and other injuries to his back and legs. Lund, a resident of New Ulm, Minn., was with his unit on combat patrol when the unit hit a roadside bomb. The bomb was situated in the middle of the road, and ultimately ended up taking the life of one solider that day. In the midst of the chaos that ensued, Lund had the presence of mind to start aiding the injured despite the injuries he, himself had sustained.

Life stateside has not been an easy transition for Lund, either. Upon his return to the U.S. in 2007, Lund started experiencing daily headaches and some memory loss. However, despite the adversity that Lund has faced, he made the decision to go back to school to earn his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has been nothing short of an outstanding student.

As a result of Jesse’s great achievement and recognition, Minnesota School of Business Online gladly awarded our Purple Heart Scholarship for his outstanding service in action. This scholarship will cover any educational expenses Jesse may incur that have not already been covered by his federal VA benefits, grants and other scholarships.

Please join us in thanking Jesse for his dedication and service to our country, and his outstanding achievement of earning the Purple Heart Award.

For another story and short video about Lund’s road to the Purple Heart, check out the local Minnesota televsion station, KSTP 5, write-up by clicking here!

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