Helping Make a Wish Grant Sabrina’s Wish

Posted by on December 14, 2012

Sabrina Ness, IPR, Make a WishThe Globe University/Minnesota School of Business network of schools have a focus on giving back to the communities we serve.  We are consistently looking to see what the needs are and what resources we have to help from volunteer opportunities, use of our facilities, applied learning projects and financial donations.  Each year we give in multiple ways to thousands of organizations that are making a difference in our communities.  One foundation that we have worked with over the years is Make a Wish of MN.  Make a Wish is an amazing organization that works to enrich the lives of children living with life threatening medical conditions by granting them a wish of a lifetime.  This wish becomes something they can dream about until they decide on the perfect plan for their wish.  These wishes take on many different forms and are always unique to the individual child.  The common theme that takes place across all wishes is the smile on the face of the child living out their wish and the impact it has on their life and the lives of those they touch.

Sabrina Ness is a Make a Wish kid who is in the process of her wish being granted.  Sabrina’s wish is to record her own CD.  She began this process months ago with writing her songs, working with local musicians to fine tune the music, and to prepare to record.  Sabrina had her official recording day at The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in downtown Minneapolis and it was a complete success.  At 11 years old, Sabrina delivers a message that resonates with all ages and will stay with you forever.  She struggles with a chronic fatal lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis, and although she has trouble breathing at times it doesn’t stop her from singing her songs for all to hear!Sabrina Ness, IPR, Make a Wish

Sabrina has been featured in a recent Pioneer Press article and WCCO news  about performing at the Macy’s Believe day at the Mall of America, sharing her message that we all have the ability to go after our dreams and now is the time because tomorrow might be too late.  As an organization that supports Make a Wish because of the difference they make in our communities, we also want to spread awareness about Sabrina and her songs to encourage others to believe in themselves and work each day to make a difference.  Sabrina may have a life threatening disease but she is living each day to the fullest and that is something we all can learn from.

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