Who Will be the Next Idol?

Posted by on December 7, 2012

Every quarter, Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee hosts many events for students.  One of the favorite events each quarter is the Shakopee Idol Competition.  For this event, students, staff, and faculty are given the opportunity to win the coveted Shakopee Idol trophy. Students win a trophy in the shape of a microphone, and the quarter is labeled at the base of it.   

Cory Hicks, Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee,The Shakopee campus has many talented performers, and some of them were willing to step up to the microphone and showcase their skills.  Anyone can view these video clips at any time on the campus’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MSBShakopee.  Simply login to Facebook, “like” the Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee page, and then vote for competitors by “liking” each video. 

While viewers can only vote for each video once, they can vote for as many videos as they like.  The winners of the competition are based off of which videos receive the most “likes”.  The votes are not limited to Shakopee students or MSB students.  Anyone can vote! You’ll see the videos uploaded each quarter.  Other contests are posted on our Facebook page regularly.  You can view, like, and even share the videos you like the most!

Students who had the guts to get up on stage included Tim Gerold performing “Your Man” by Josh Turner, Cory Hicks singing Josh Turner’s “Firecracker” and Roger Miller’s “King of the Road,”  and Tim Karlen singing his version of AC/DC’s classic “Down Payment Blues.”

Several staff and faculty also belted out some pretty good tunes.  Melissa Faue, Director of Career Services, and Lexi Gorshe, College Admissions Representative, included costumes and props as they sang Adam Sandler’s comedic hit, “Lunch Lady Land.” 

Scot Moncur, College Admissions Representative, sang his rendition of Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls.”  Bill Hire, General Education Instructor, belted out Rick Springfield’s hit, “Jesse’s Girl”.  And Jay Moore, General Education and Science Instructor, took on Toby Keith’s hit “As Good as I Once Was”.Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee, Shakopee Idol

The voting closed December 5, 2012 at 6:00 pm.  Winners were announced at the 7:00pm all-school break.  And the winners are . . . . 

The student winners are Cory Hicks and Tim Gerold.  The Staff/Faulty winners are Missy Faue and Lexi Gorshe.

Congrats to everyone who participated to make Shakopee Idol a success!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.