ObamaCare Spurs Health Care Job Opportunities

Posted by on December 7, 2012

Dr Cheryl Anderson, Online Health Care Management Chair, Minnesota School of Business

The crescendo of the presidential election is now dying down. And with the knowledge that Barack Obama will remain President, health policy analysts and legislators have returned to working out the regulatory details of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).Health Care

This broad brushed piece of legislation is creating changes in how health care is delivered and who has access. There are many popular pieces to the current legislation including:

  • Covering children up to the age of 26 on parent’s health plans
  • Elimination of the pre-existing health condition clause for health plan coverage
  • Elimination of health plan caps that have stayed relatively constant for decades
  • Changing formulas for how much older adults will pay for prescription medications covered by Part D
  • Expanding access to Medicaid programs for lower income people

This Affordable Care Act is also a positive move for those working in health care fields. With confirmation this legislation is in process, the future looks extremely bright for health care professionals. Recent Georgetown University Policy analysts determined that the job growth in health care will be at least 30% through 2020.  Health care employment opportunities will outpace the economy and outpace the hiring needs of every other sector in the US.

Jobs numbersIt is an exciting time to be pursuing a health care degree. We do know that to be successful in health care careers, an education is absolutely necessary. At least 81% of all health care sector jobs require education beyond high school. Along with education comes income. Health care jobs pay more per level of education than all other sectors, too.

To fill in the gap in training for health care support and management personnel, private non profit colleges are filling that need.  This means that Minnesota School of Businesss is positioned in the best spot possible in helping train new health care managers.

Health care reform is continuous. The Affordable Care Act has increased the speed of many reforms. Knowledgeable health care managers are needed across all sectors of health care organizations to meet these new market demands.


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