5 Questions for a Soaring Paralegal Eagle

Posted by on December 7, 2012

paralegal degree Minnesota School of BusinessMinnesota-School of Business-Rochester has the privilege of working with driven and competent students. Although we can’t say that all students return to our college right after they have obtained jobs in their field, Lynn Berger, who earned her associate paralegal degree from MSB, did just that after securing a position at Yanowitz Law Firm. She is now earning her paralegal bachelor’s degree at MSB.

As a model graduate/student, we’re proud of her accomplishment and even more delighted that she decided to sit down with us for a few minutes so our readers can better understand why Minnesota School of Business is lucky to have her!

What is your current position at Yanowitz?

Currently, I work as a part-time paralegal. I have a very flexible schedule due to still being in school, but once I graduate, I will start full-time.

What is your favorite aspect of being a paralegal?

I work in a firm where I have client interaction, so I really like that part. My firm specializes in estate planning and administration, so even though it is a narrow field, I definitely have to learn many in-depth aspects of it. We pull so many other types of law into it like real estate and family law. Every day has been something new to learn and I am up for the challenge!

What was most surprising about your job that you did not anticipate?

In school, we are given an overview of the types of law. While working in a specialized firm, knowing about all other types of law really helps. My lawyers trust me to do more because I can demonstrate a basic knowledge of other aspects of law. Also, not many of our documents are made from scratch. Most of them are drawn from programs that Alan Yanowitz (senior attorney) has developed and made. We put all the information in about the client, answer a few questions, and the document is assembled with very little correction needed.

What would you say is a program strength that aided in your work preparation?

At MSB-Rochester, we have been taught to work hard and reach for perfection. When doing assignments, we are encouraged to ask for help and guidance to make what we are working on to be the best it can be. I do really believe that by having both attorneys and paralegals teaching us, we learn and understand the practical use of everything. Also, by having knowledge in many facets of law through the classes we take, it has made it much easier for me to understand why we do things in the office like we do. I have a basic knowledge of most things in which I can rely on.

What type of person best fits the field?

A background in customer service helps; without clients, you have no business. You have to be accepting and non-judgmental when working in this field. You need to have an outgoing personality, but also be able to be reserved and professional. For me the main thing is to not be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes, I think I am being over critical and ask a lot of questions, but my attorneys never make me feel that way. I would rather clarify the process before jumping in and do it right. I also believe empathy helps. You have to be able to feel for others and understand where they are coming from. Compassion is important. The list could go on and on…

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.