Veterinary Technology Microchipping Clinic Hits YouTube

Posted by on December 4, 2012

Thanks to students in the vet tech school at Minnesota School of Business-Elk River, twenty-one pet owners will be notified if their lost dog shows up at a vet clinic or animal shelter.

“Micro-chipping in general is a really good idea and is a really good thing to do for your animal,” says Chuck and Don’s employee, Leeann Eisenschenk.

The micro-chip is about the size of a large grain of cooked rice and gets implanted just under a dog’s skin using a small needle.  Once chipped, the students used a micro-chip scanner to register the chip’s identification number.

“Animal organizations like vet clinics, animal shelters or even your local city pound are trained to use a micro-chip scanner on every animal that comes in,” said vet tech instructor Nicole Greenlund.  “So they can identify who the owner is and get the animal back to its correct owner.”

The veterinary technology students held the micro-chipping clinic as part of their applied learning project for class.

“We get all of the hands-on work in school,” said student Jessy Nickolauson.  “But we aren’t working personally with the client at school, but here (Chuck and Don’s) we are talking with clients and helping them out.”

Applied learning projects are designed to assist students in making the connection from classroom application to real world application and allow students to work on skills that can’t be replicated in the classroom—like building relationships with pet owners.

“I know applied learning is kind of like learning on the job,” Eisenschenk said.  “It’s hands-on learning, which, I think, is the best way to learn.”

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