Extra! Extra!: Local Kids Inspire Santa to be More Giving

Posted by on December 4, 2012

service learning
Education can’t teach people the value of giving, but by giving to others we provide an invaluable education. Ringing true to this statement during the holiday season, students at the Minnesota School of Business-Rochester have become teachers of goodwill in their own right.

Dozens of students from two Global Citizenship classes are collaborating on a gift-making service-learning project together. The event, titled “Holiday Helpers: Little Hands, Big Hearts,” is intended to give back to the community.

Around 30 children from the community, ages 4-12, came to the Minnesota School of Business-Rochester campus on Saturday, Dec. 1 to make gifts for their families and friends. There were door prizes, treats, goodie bags, arts and crafts, and activities for parents and guardians, too.   

When asked what the college students hoped to accomplish with this project, they said, “By using our leadership skills, we will provide a fun and safe place for children to meet new people and to create a gift from the heart to give to their families or friends to teach them money can’t buy happiness while creating global citizens and increasing their self-esteem.”   

To plan for this event, students divided into 11 committees.  Some worked on soliciting donations and advertising the event, while others focused on organizing decorations, coordinating door prizes, or determining specific craft activities. This project allowed students to share their specific talents. For example, one student shared her talent for origami. Another student shared her love of beads. 

The students contributed their own hearts to this project and acted as role models to the younger children who attend the event. Through their efforts, students helped inspire the kids to become responsible global citizens too!  

The Global Citizenship course is designed to teach students about how to be effective global citizens through social responsibility and community engagement. They also learn about leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and communication and are encouraged to pass on their classroom community spirit to the larger community.  

To learn more about service-learning at Minnesota School of Business, visit http://www.msbcollege.edu/about-us/community/service-learning/.

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