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Posted by on November 28, 2012

Linaman and O’Brien talking to students

Twenty-three students from Highview Alternative Learning Center in Golden Valley, Minn., visited the Minnesota School of Business–Brooklyn Centercampus on Tuesday, Nov. 27, to learn what types of opportunities possibly await them after graduation.

John Liebrenz and Andrew Linaman, admissions representatives, kicked off the students’ visit with a tour of the campus. Kelly O’Brien, Director of Admissions, welcomed the students; Liebrenz and Linaman then showed off several places on campus including each of the  departments, the library, the writing and math center, as well as some of the classrooms.

massage therapy degree

Massage therapy table

Following the tour, the students made their way into the student lounge to peruse tables, posters, and literature put together by the program chairs at the campus.

Stephanie Petersen, massage therapy program chair, showed off stones used in the hot stone massage class and allowed students to mix together their own sample of lotions infused with a massage oil of their choice.  This was by far a favorite stop for several of the students.

Students also had the opportunity to speak with Alex Erolin, business program chair; Kofi Montzka, paralegal program chair; Ann Deiman-Thornton, Dean of Faculty; Michelle Rivard, AVID liaison and faculty; and Michelle Barsness, community manager and faculty.

paralegal degree

Paralegal information

In addition to touring the school, a handful of students took advantage of the opportunity to sit in some classes.  One student sat in a medical assisting class taught by Alicia Larson, medical assisting program chair, and received a quick tutorial of how to take someone’s blood pressure.  A second student learned about how the soles of Nike shoes were originally made in waffle irons; this tidbit of knowledge was picked up in an introductory business class taught by Michael Zdychnec, health care management program chair.

Before leaving to head back to Highview, the students enjoyed a pizza lunch.  While students were eating, O’Brien asked the students what they enjoyed most about Minnesota School of Business – Brooklyn Center.  Common answers were that there are small class sizes, one on one attention, and hands on experiences.  Students received folders of information before they left with scholarship and program literature.

Students enjoying pizza

Liebrenz and Linaman, admissions representative, were both impressed with all of the students, and they look forward to having them stop back in to the campus to possibly enroll.

Linaman said, “The students were all outstanding young individuals, and we would be lucky to have them join our campus.”

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