Criminal Justice Students Create Non-traditional Form of Teaching

Posted by on November 26, 2012

criminal justice degree, broadview University

Guest Speaker, Karen Determan

Traditionally, instructors are the ones who teach industry-specific material to students, but a recent criminal justice class at Minnesota School of Business- Elk River decided to take teaching into their own hands by educating fellow students about the corrections system. 

“We accomplished putting together our knowledge so others can be aware as well,” said criminal justice student Ashley Ringler.

Not only did the students put together a wealth of knowledge for other students, but they put to use the creative side of their brains and came up with a very non-traditional way of teaching—topic boards.

The students designed five topic boards, which they posted around campus.  The boards contained information about evidence-based practices, motivational interviewing, and reasons why people end up on probation.

Students attained the knowledge they placed on these boards from classroom guest speaker, Karen Determan, a Wright County Probation Agent.

The criminal justice class didn’t stop with the topic boards though—to ensure their fellow students took an interest in the boards, they spread the word that prizes would be involved for those who “studied” the hardest. 

For the last element of the criminal justice project, the class put together a 10-question quiz to be given out two weeks later, which would determine what fellow students studied the topic boards the best and deserved to win a prize.

“This was an excellent opportunity for our criminal justice students to work with a professional in the probation field and to help educate their fellow students on contemporary issues in corrections,” said class instructor Janell Trocke. 

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