Radio Builds Resumes – Music Business Students Take on Internet Radio

Posted by on November 21, 2012

When Bard Meier, chair of the music business degree and media business degree programs at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center, stumbled upon BlogTalkRadio, he thought it would be the perfect way to give students hands-on learning experiences in internet radio. He pitched the idea to students in the Advanced Web Marketing class and to Andrew Kagol, director of career services, and within days, “Kagol Talk” was born.

music business degreeOver Early Fall quarter, Kagol Talk went on the air twice a week for 30-minute shows. On Mondays, Kagol talked about sports, and on Wednesdays, he talked about career tips. As Kagol sat in the booth talking about various topics, music business and media business students in Meier’s classes would do the rest of the work.  They handled incoming calls, updated all social media sites in relation to the show, and even participated on the show by advertising various parts of the Brooklyn Center campus.

One highlight over the summer was a trip to the Minnesota State Fair where Kagol did a show on location about food and the fair experience.

A second highlight was when Charlotte Achin, who earned a music business degree from MSB in 2011, stopped by the campus for a visit.  Meier had the following to say about Achin’s visit:

music business degree

Kagol (left) with MSB music business graduate Charlotte Achin and crew

“This past month we were lucky to grab the delightful Charlotte Achin and her posse as they finished off their three-week road trip throughout the US of A. Charlotte is a French transplant who graduated from the music business program in 2011. Since graduation, Charlotte has started her own business, ACE Music Company, to assist artists from around the world to perform in France. Recently she was hired as an executive assistant at Trekea in Paris and is working with them to develop apps for your mobile phone.  We couldn’t have been happier to have Charlotte sit down with us. Go on, young Charlotte!”

Meier is a huge fan of using this tool in his class. He said, “BlogTalkRadio is a great resume-builder for my students.  It is teaching them how to collaborate with their classmates on the actual production of a weekly broadcasted radio show.  The show has been an amazing applied learning project, too, because the students are putting several skills that they have learned throughout their program to good use.”

Kagol has really enjoyed hosting this show because he has a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Kagol said, “I have enjoyed working with the students in helping them to build their career skills for their resumes. Kagol Talk has become a great medium for promoting this as well as showing other listeners what is needed to become successful in their music business career field. Also, program chairs and faculty on campus have been able to promote projects and events in their classes in addition to speaking about issues in their fields. This project has been a definite win-win for everyone at our campus.”

Two students, Alex Staples and Nick Petruzzi, have been working on Kagol Talk since the beginning.  They enjoy the project because it gives them real world experience with running a radio show, and they appreciate the fact that they have a say in what content goes into the show.

As Kagol has recently moved from the position of Associate Director of Career Services to Director of Career Services, Kagol Talk has become a once per week show focusing on various topics.  This quarter, the show airs on Mondays at 2:30 p.m. and is run by students in the Portfolio Project class.  The students will be using several pieces for their own digital portfolio projects.  To catch the live show or to listen to previous shows, check out the Kagol Talk page.

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