And the Survey Says!

Posted by on November 20, 2012

By Minnie Wagner, Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, Business and Healthcare Management Program Chair

Students from the Customer Service Strategies class started a service learning project to assist the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce. This project is related to residential survey on the local parks and trials of Lakeville. Students surveyed residents in the Lakeville area over the phone with a simple 10-question survey. Customer Service Strategies

During the survey the thought was that a majority of people would partake in the survey, but our end result was 23 people out of about 150 people participated. Conclusions from the survey were several requests for having an ice rink back in Rolling Oaks. We found that more people were using this particular park during the winter than in the summer when the rink was there.

Some participants would take a $5 tax increase per month to get more amenities such as bathrooms, cleaner facilities, trails, drinking fountains and updating their park equipment. A majority of the people who responded also visited other parks outside the area due to social events. Participants were happy with the current upkeep of the parks as well as the parking spaces and the overall safety of the parks.

The class is going to be presenting their results to the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce in power-point form in hopes to better the community with direct opinion. The goal is to try and make a change by increasing awareness of the issues.

Students exercised their customer service strategies by using direct customer service through the telephone. This project is very helpful because it puts students in a real-life situation and taught them how to handle the unknown when dealing with new customers.



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