From Mexico to Moorhead – New U.S. Citizen Earns Paralegal Degree, Too

Posted by on November 19, 2012

paralegal degree

US Citizen and Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead graduate Marcos Romo

Marcos Romo was born in the northern part of Mexico and spent the first year of his life there. Just after his first birthday, his family packed up and moved to northern Minnesota, with none of them able to speak English.

“Learning English was slow and difficult for me,” Romo said. “But my parents still don’t speak English.”

Despite the language barrier, Romo graduated from Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton High School and started looking for colleges in the area. After careful research, he decided to enroll in the paralegal degree program at Minnesota School of Business in Moorhead. He recently graduated with his paralegal associates degree.

“I wanted to go somewhere with small class sizes and that was important for me and my learning style,” Romo added. “This was the perfect fit for me.”

It was so perfect, in fact, that Romo has returned to MSB and is in pursuit of his paralegal bachelor’s degree.

After 20 years of living in the United States with a green card, Romo and his mother Maria decided it was time to become official citizens of the United States. Both filled out applications and passed their written citizenship test. The last step was attending a ceremony and taking the oath.

“It was such a great feeling for me,” Romo said. “Now I have a voice, rights, and responsibilities in this country.”

As a student, Romo learned about rights, law, and the justice system. He says what he’s looking forward to most is voting in the next election after missing out by just a few days on the last election day.

Romo’s family, along with four members of the staff of Minnesota School of Business, attended the ceremony.

“It was amazing to have that kind of support from the campus,” Romo said. “That is the first time anyone outside of my family has done anything like that for me. It meant everything.”

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