Business Student Gets Caught in Networking Web

Posted by on November 16, 2012

Taylor Metcalf, current bachelor’s degree in business administration student, is not your typical student. Most students don’t have two part-time jobs, balance 5-6 classes, maintain a high GPA, and, to top it off, participate in a business internship. Taylor breaks the mold by competently doing all of these things at the same time. His ability to balance these responsibilities and still maintain a nearly perfect GPA is why Minnesota School of Business-Rochester decided to spend time with Taylor to see why he added a recent internship to his already busy schedule.  

Could you give readers some insight into all the balls you are juggling from day to day?

I have two part-time jobs right now, sales at State Farm and homecare at Cardinal of Minnesota, both are located in Rochester. My school schedule has consisted of five to six courses each quarter, but, because of an added internship, I may go down to four classes next quarter. Regarding the internship, I recently interviewed for one at the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce after being recommended by career services at the campus. Topping off my school involves participating in the campus DECA program, which includes quarterly competitions.

You mentioned the internship at the chamber. What piqued your interest to apply?

When career services first approached me about this opportunity, I thought of what my mother has been telling me for years. She sees infinite value in networking with people in the community who have grown from their own networking experiences. Since she has been instrumental in motivating me to prepare for my career, I want to follow her lead by not missing this opportunity.

Tell us how rigorous of a process the internship interview was with Judy Braatz, membership director, at the chamber?

I had the advantage of being introduced to Judy simply because of our campus connection to the chamber, so that made it easier, although she did ask me how comfortable I was with cold calling. Since the latter requirement is something that I enjoy doing, I felt a good fit right away. I do know that once I expressed how much I’m looking forward to networking, Judy saw how serious I was about adding real-world experience to my business training.

School and work have you working long hours and already doing lots of work. What additional work will you be doing at the chamber and what will this experience teach you?

The main work will involve reaching out to current chamber members to discuss membership dues and answering any membership questions in general. I have had to work on my cold calling skills at my insurance job, which has been rewarding, so I’m looking forward to further enhancing these skills so I can apply the experience to future job prospects. I’m also looking forward to completing this work because it will involve tracking the calls with customer relationship management software. This is simply more experience to add to my resume.

To learn more about completing an internship at the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, please contact MSB-Rochester career services at 507-535-9600.

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