MSB Raises Flag to Honor Veterans

Posted by on November 14, 2012

Contributed by: Brittany Magnuson

MSB Richfield Honors Veterans

Despite the blustery November weather, Minnesota School of Business-Richfield gathered together to raise the US Flag for Veterans Day. This ceremony honored and recognized our staff, faculty, and student veterans for their service to our country. As a military friendly campus with over 100 military students and family members, the flag will be a permanent symbol of our appreciation for their service in the Armed Forces.

Mike Hughes, Director of Military Student Service and US Army veteran, discussed the importance of the US Flag. “The US Flag has significant importance as one of the first flags that had the stars arranged in a circle, based on the idea that all colonies were equal. The thirteen stripes, resting side by side, represented the struggle for independence; red stood for valor, white signified purity, and blue represented loyalty. In 1818, after a few design changes, the United States Congress decided to retain the flag’s original thirteen stripes and add new stars to reflect each new state that entered the union. Since then, Americans have fought for and died to preserve the ideals of democracy represented by the flag.”

Mike also indicated that “when our students/staff/faculty come to school each day and see the flag blowing in the wind, it reminds them of who we are and hopefully helps make them better citizens as they show respect for what the US Flag stands for. Those who are veterans feel an even greater sense of pride when they see our flag.”RF Student Veteran

The ceremony opened with Stacy Severson, Richfield Campus Director, recognizing Richfield and Online veteran faculty, staff and students. Richfield student and Air Force veteran, Tom Thoresen, played an electrifying national anthem on his guitar to the crowd while the flag was raised by veteran staff members. Everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance to close the ceremony. Following the event, attendees were able to quickly warm up with refreshments and join in conversation.

Like many of those in attendance, Carol Jaeger, GEN Adjunct Instructor, was personally moved as she is a military family member. “Being a part of the flag-raising ceremony was very inspirational for my students and me. It is wonderful to recognize our veterans. My brother served in the Army and was on the front lines in Vietnam. I am happy to say that although injured, he is doing well today and is an active officer with his local American Legion.”

MSB-Richfield would like to send a special thank you to the men and women who have served and presently serve in the Armed Forces. Thank you for the sacrifices that both you and your families have made to protect our freedoms. We hope the installation of our new flag pole and flying the flag will show our daily gratitude for your service.



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