How to Trap a Mouse!

Posted by on November 12, 2012

By Nicole Nieman, Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, Veterinary Technology Program Chair

Students at the Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville campus spent a day learning to “trap” mice for their Lab Animals, Exotics and Pocket Pets class.Minnesota School of Business, Veterinary Technology

The class is the students’ first opportunity to gain the hands-on experience needed to handle and care for these animals. Unlike dogs and cats, these small animals require to be caught or ‘trapped’ before students are able to handle or restrain them. They learn to perform basic procedures such as a complete physical exam, administering injections, obtaining blood samples, oral examinations and medication administration.

Minnesota School of Business, Veterinary TechnologyOnce the students successfully trapped their mice they split into pairs with a mouse. First, they performed a physical exam and determined the sex of each mouse. They practiced restraint using only a one-handed approach.

After much practice mastering the one-handed restraint, students each attempted two different means of injection while maintaining control of the mouse.

Next, they were able to practice getting blood samples through a vein in the tail. This task was particularly challenging because of the small size of the mouse and the inaMinnesota School of Business, Veterinary Technologybility to see or visualize the vein. They were, however, extremely successful in obtaining samples which they were then able to take into the lab and look at microscopically.

For students that are interested in careers in veterinary technology, such as at a specialty clinic, laboratory or research setting, classes such as this are a great opportunity for students to expand their skills for multiple species which will give them the skills necessary to excel in the field.

To learn more about becoming a veterinary technician visit the Minnesota School of Business website.

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