‘Get Out The Vote’ at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester

Posted by on November 2, 2012

Citizens of Rochester, Minnesota, much like the rest of the country, are as serious about the importance of voting as the rest of the country. Helping with encouraging a strong voter turn-out is Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, which, among others, is a 2012 voting precinct for local, state and national elections that will be taking place on November 6th.

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester opened in the fall of 2005 and, in addition to student population growth, campus community engagement has seen staff and faculty involvement grow in local organizations, committees and events, but this is the first time that the campus will host a voting precinct.

For more information about voting precincts in Rochester, visit www.rochestermn.gov. Voting at the campus is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m..

As a local college with an enrollment of nearly 400 students, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, much like its aspirations for the general population, would like 100% of local precinct voters to vote. Making it easier for promoting a large turn-out of registered voters at the campus is the convenient location and ample parking.

Shan Pollitt, campus director, is confident in the campus as a strong choice for hosting voters because of its location and the layout of the facility for accommodating a large number of voters at one time. Furthermore, notes Pollitt, “Not only do we have an open-door policy for the public in general, in particular it gives me great pride to know that we were approached and accepted as being a voting site. We look forward to embracing our neighbors on November 6th for what we hope to be a record turn-out.”

In a voting year that has been highly contested and could come down to a limited number of votes to decide eventual winners, every voter’s commitment to expressing their voice through their vote is strongly encouraged.

Some key races taking place locally that will be decided with the help of MSB-Rochester voters include Senator Carla Nelson versus Kenneth Moen, Senate Majority Leader David Senjem versus Judy Ohly and Congressman Tim Walz versus Allen Quist.

The campus is located at 2521 Pennington Drive NW, which is behind Viking GMC on the frontage road that runs parallel with Highway 52 North. Please contact Cris Gore at 507-535-8050 if you have any questions.

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