Minnesota School of Business-Rochester Helps Students STAY and Complete School!

Posted by on October 30, 2012

STAY = Staff, Teachers and YOU!

Welcome students! Minnesota School of Business-Rochester staff and faculty are excited to have you here. As you have hopefully come to realize by now, we value you as a student and want to make sure that your experience here is the best possible.  It is our goal to ensure that you are receiving not only a quality education, but also the skills and resources necessary to help you be successful. 

One of these resources is your STAY Advisor. The goal of the STAY Committee (Staff, Teachers, And You) is to assist students in achieving success in their program and beyond graduation. STAY Advisors are trained to help you through your educational experience at Minnesota School of Business. While they may not always know the answers to all of your questions, they will help you find the right person to ask. 

Your STAY advisor is here for you to answer all the questions you may have, and even those you don’t know you have! When you have a question or concern, you should think of your STAY advisor first. Your STAY advisor can:

  • Answer questions about the last day to drop a class
  • Provide info about your academic status
  • Help you calculate your graduation date
  • Provide you with important announcements
  • Be a “go-to” person should you have a question or concern
  • Give friendly and caring advice
  • Be a community resource person
  • Offer info about transportation, housing, child care, and other resources
  • Direct you to another department on campus, if appropriate

Don’t know where to go for help? Have a question but not sure who to ask? Ask your STAY advisor!

Look for the STAY advisors to host events on campus so you can put a name and a face together. In addition to a social event, they hand out study tips, midterm study packets, and treats. This program is unique to Minnesota School of Business-Rochester. It is a great way for students to have a personalized experience while attending school.

The STAY committee is comprised of 13 staff and faculty members from all departments: financial aid, education, career services, admissions, and program chairs. Not sure who your STAY advisor might be? A letter is sent out at the beginning of each quarter informing you of your STAY advisor, including a picture and contact information.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.