J. R. Burgess of ReJuv Medical a Valued Partner at Minnesota School of Business

Posted by on October 27, 2012

J. R. Burgess is passionate about helping others make healthy changes in their lives, and he is passionate about the partnership between his company, ReJuv Medical Weight Loss and Performance Center, and Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud.

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“I love that you (MSB) look forward rather than fighting fires today,” says Burgess. He admires the Program Advisory Committee he belongs to at Minnesota School of Business which helps him contribute to the university’s health fitness program curriculum and inform the staff on current health and market trends.

He is impressed that the college asks, “What do you want? What are the market needs?”

“I don’t see anyone else doing that,” he maintains. “It’s powerful.”

Burgess is also zealous about the quality of student that Minnesota School of Business is training and graduating. He has taken on interns from the college and hired graduates.

The college “prepares students to be solid,” he insists. “[They are] hitting real-life experiences that a lot of students don’t come out knowing.”

Besides interns, Burgess has worked with health fitness students on applied learning projects like the one Scott Eide’s students created in November of 2011. The students researched the “exercise as medicine” initiative and decided to advocate for it in local clinics and medical facilities. ReJuv became an enthusiastic partner in that process.

Burgess was impressed with the students’ efforts. They provided a great community service and created leads and referrals for ReJuv, including Health Partners, which now incorporates ReJuv in its wellness program to its employees.

ReJuv and Minnesota School of Business also partnered with the city of Waite Park on the development of the Harold P. Nelson Healthy Living Trail as part of the city’s park and trail system. Interactive media and graphic design students at Minnesota School of Business planned and designed the signage for the park while ReJuv staff researched and recommended the exercise equipment to be placed along the trail. Recently Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner of Health for the state of Minnesota, visited and walked the trail with Mayor Rick Miller and City Administrator Shaunna Johnson, recognizing the efforts of ReJuv and Minnesota School of Business. Burgess and Tami DeLand, Community Manager at MSB, were in attendance.

Like the MSB philosophy of “We Care,” Burgess says of ReJuv, “we’ve learned the more you give back, the more you receive.” ReJuv is currently promoting the 50,000 Pound Challenge for community fitness.

Burgess and ReJuv Medical and Minnesota School of Business are perfect partners in growing a healthy community.

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