Minnesota School of Business Law & Order Club Tackles Bullying

Posted by on October 26, 2012

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester’s Law & Order Club, comprised of students in the legal sciences programs (paralegal and criminal justice) are anxious to apply their knowledge this quarter. At a recent meeting, students expanded their brainstorming efforts on the anti-bullying campaign they want to bring to local school districts. The students hope to create awareness of bullying this school year by presenting age-appropriate skits and information to students of all ages by visiting schools by spring 2013. 

To increase campaign exposure, students will create awareness of the project by partnering with local schools, beginning with mailing campaign literature to schools for administrators and school boards to review. Some potential schools could include John Marshall High School, Mayo High School and Century High School.

By combining their skills and interests, paralegal and criminal justice students can judiciously divide the workload for creating the skits and supporting literature. This type of collaboration and research will serve students well as they prepare for the real-world work that they’ll be required to complete in their fields. 

In order to fund the project for creating the materials, students hosted a fundraiser by selling tacos. Coming together to reduce expenses and increase overall profit, one student donated the beef from her cattle farm while another student volunteered to cook the taco meat using her family recipe, saving students nearly $21 in total cost. 

The sales brought in $116 and the club profited $95.

The MSB-Rochester Law & Order Club will have their next meeting on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 5:00 PM in Room 203.  The students will pick a convenient time to tour the Olmsted County Jail within the next month, plan activities for Student Club Week, and decide when the next fundraiser will take place.

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