Bones, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology: Instructor of the Quarter

Posted by on October 23, 2012

By Kira Gallagher, Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, Dean of Faculty

Minnesota School of Business, Christine HallingChristine Halling is currently an adjunct instructor for the Natural Sciences at Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, teaching biology and anatomy and physiology. As a general education instructor, she has the opportunity to meet students interested in many different fields of study. The classroom diversity makes for an exciting learning environment, fostering discussions that span multiple disciplines. Christine’s teaching philosophy centers around providing students with hands-on learning experiences in class, and helping students connect the applicable concepts of the course to their programs of study.
Minnesota School of Business, Christine Halling
Christine graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology focusing in archaeology.  After participating in an archaeological field school in Greece, she was accepted into a masters program. Christine went to the University of Indianapolis to study human biology with a concentration in forensic anthropology. She received training while working with Indiana Law Enforcement on casework, both historic and current forensic casework. Christine has also spent the last three summers working as a lab director at an archaeological field school where she teaches students the concepts of bio-archaeology through the study of osteology. 

Christine was voted Instructor of the Quarter by the staff, faculty and students at the Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville campus. Christine arrives early to help her students and volunteers to host additional study labs in biology and anatomy and physiology. Christine is adaptable and always willing to try new things to help her students retain the material. In the classroom, Christine is known for her helpful and friendly style, and for her unique lab projects, like making homemade root beer. Christine has added a unique view to the natural sciences classes at the Lakeville campus. Congratulations Christine!

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