Will a Current Student be the Next Richard Castle?

Posted by on October 18, 2012

In ABC’s hit TV show, Castle, a famous mystery novelist, by the name of Richard Castle, shadows a NYPD homicide detective for realistic inspiration for his novels. A student at Minnesota School of Business is taking Castle’s lead, but going one step further. 

Elk River student, Maggie Scheel, hopes to one day use her degree in criminal justice to follow Castle’s path as a mystery/crime novelist.

“A background in criminal justice will give me the research and experience to do that,” said Scheel.

Scheel isn’t a newbie to the writing scene.  She has been published several times in “The Creative Quill,” a Globe University/Minnesota School of Business publication.

Maggie Scheel accepts monetary prize from Michael Schneider

“There are always a plethora of submissions for the quill,” said Elk River librarian, Michael Schneider, “so being selected for publication is a high honor.”

As if being published wasn’t enough, Scheel’s latest entry, a non-fiction piece titled “A Glitch in Time,” was chosen as the best of all submitted titles. 

“I was just excited they put it in the book,” said Scheel. “It’s really rewarding to put myself out there like I did and have it appreciated because it comes from such a personal place.”

Scheel says most of her writing pieces come from a personal journal she has been keeping for many years—“free therapy” is what she calls it, with a smile.

According to Scheel, her story, “A Glitch in Time,” represents a really significant time in her life.  The piece recounts a memory of Scheel’s childhood and the dynamics between her mother, father and herself.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

“Three days later, Mom walked out of her bedroom in a beautiful black dress. I had never seen her look so fancy. She made me wear a dress too. I hated dresses. She said, “It is time to go, honey.” As I stood I looked down at the VCR.  No longer flashing, the clock read 1:49. I knew then that my daddy was home and would never leave me again.”

Scheel has about a year left before she will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.  Once that happens, watch out Richard Castle, you will have some heavy competition.

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