MSB Alumni Q & A; Megan Coleman, Master Juggler

Posted by on October 18, 2012

Megan Coleman, an early fall quarter graduate, currently works at OBGYN West in Minnetonka

Megan Coleman is quite adept at balancing acts.

She graduated in October with an associate degree in medical assisting after coming to Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth out of high school. Coleman balanced her studies with three jobs, her mother’s cancer diagnosis and an internship.

Coleman completed nearly a quarter’s worth of classes while in high schools, thanks to Globe’s High School Advantage program.  We sat down with Megan at OBGYN West in Minnetonka, where she started as a full time medical assistant position in early September. 

Q: How did you find MSB and what attracted you to the school?

Coleman: “I applied when I was in high school and got my high school administration and scholarships figured out and started [classes]. I got a free quarter, basically, with all the free classes and continued on.”

Q: What did you like most about your experience at MSB?

C: “Small class sizes. I know everybody says that, but it was nice to have the personal attention and be able to ask the questions right away and get answers. All the instructors were very helpful and the other students were very nice as well. I liked the multiple locations – they were all very close.”

Q: What made you want to go into medical assisting?

C: “Helping others, I wanted to be in the clinics rather than the hospitals. I like getting to know the anatomy and physiology of the body systems, and putting out my knowledge to all patients to help them.”

Q: What do you like most about your current position?

C: “I would say getting to know everything about OBGYN, because I didn’t have any experience with it. Learning all the medication, problems and learning how to talk to patients to inform them and make them feel comfortable about what’s going on with their lives and bodies.”

Q: What would your advice be for somebody that was in your position – coming right out of high school and just starting the MA program – for success?

C: “Be proactive about everything. I would hound my instructors about my test results even when they didn’t have them; I wanted to know where my grades were at.  And for the job search, just start right away. I got started a week after my internship was done. Just be proactive in applying everywhere and anywhere. Don’t be picky because you need the experience.”

Q: What are your thoughts about taking a break from work after graduation?

C: “Some people can do it, others can’t. I think I would have been able to, but I didn’t want to. I was able to balance three jobs while in school. I was able to do my homework at most of my jobs, so it was easy for me to maintain my grades. I think you should just keep going, because it’s hard to get back in and get in the flow of homework and tests and study skills and working at the same time. But some people can do it and some can’t.”


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