Health Fitness Specialized Training at MSB Plymouth

Posted by on October 16, 2012


This upcoming weekend, October 20-21, the Resistance Training Specialist 123 (RTS 123) certification series is coming to the Minnesota School of Business (MSB) Plymouth campus.  To add to the excitement the founder of RTS, Tom Purvis, will be teaching this series.  

Tom is a leader in the fitness industry and has been for years.  He is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in exercise mechanics and strategic progression.  Tom served as a biomechanics consultant specializing in commercial exercise equipment design and use for Cybex, Nautilus, Bowflex and the National Academy of Sports Medicine from its inception.   Tom co-founded the RTS® – Resistance Training Specialist® program in 1996, creating the only continuing education and certification program in the nation at that time specializing in Exercise Mechanics. 

Tom Purvis is an international speaker, lecturing in such renowned organizations and institutions as IDEA, Purdue University, Medical University of South Carolina, and has served as a keynote speaker at the Mayo Clinic Sport Medicine Symposium and the IDEA Personal Training Summit. Tom has been quoted in virtually every fitness magazine and was the host of the syndicated fitness magazine show Naturally Fit.  In 1995 Vogue Magazine quoted Tom as “…the personal training guru who changed resistance training.” 

Today Tom is still the leader in resistance training education and he is coming to Minnesota to teach his expertise to the Health Fitness Specialist Students at Minnesota School of Business and Globe University.  Tom’s goal today is to ensure that individuals going into the fitness industry have the proper understanding of joints and forces in order to design effective and safe exercise programs.  It is an exciting opportunity for the students in the HFS program to learn directly from this top industry expert and maybe a little nerve wracking too. 

Click here for a video of RTS founder Tom Purvis sharing his thoughts on the Globe University Health Fitness Specialist Degree Program:


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