Health Care: Understanding the Meaning Beyond the Politics

Posted by on October 16, 2012

Michael Zdychnec is the Health Care Management Program Chair at the
Minnesota School of Business – Brooklyn Center Campus and our guest blogger for this post.

We’re certainly in the middle of an important time right now. The results of the upcoming elections will likely decide the direction we’re going as a country and will certainly determine where we may be heading in health care.

This year, maybe more than ever before, it is important for everyone to participate in their right to vote. No matter who you decide to vote for, the most important thing is to make sure you do it.
A list of Minnesota Voting Locations can be found here.

The Health Care Management Program at the Minnesota School of Business tries to put some meaning behind all of the rhetoric providing students with a good understanding of both the politics and policy (which is one of the core classes) that is effectively changing health care today. Understanding the environment you are working in goes a long way toward contributing to success when you are there.

At the Brooklyn Center campus, students learn the basics of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare/health care reform) and the impact it is having on changing health care today. The students also learn about the alternative solutions being proposed and their possibilities for success. At the same time, students become aware of the different career opportunities that might be developing as all of the changes take place.

Health care will continue to be a hot topic and the sector will likely continue to grow and expand. Understanding both the politics and the policy behind the decisions we’re making in health care assists those just entering the industry, or already working in it, to help make the changes that need to be made and create the health care workforce that we’re going to need.

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