Generation X Student Reignites Passion for Massage Therapy

Posted by on October 16, 2012

Unmotivated, burned-out and newly laid off were just the ingredients needed to reignite a St. Michael mother of two’s passion for massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Grad Rose Thunder

Massage Therapy Grad Rose Thunder

“What can I say, I was burned out,” said Minnesota School of Business graduate Rose Thunder.  “I wanted to try something new.”

So three days after being laid off from where she was an office manager for more than 10 years, Thunder enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at Minnesota School of Business in Elk River.

“Thinking about going back to a big four-year university was overwhelming to me,” Thunder said. “But I knew I could go back for a specific career that I could finish in less than two years.”

For Thunder, deciding to enroll in massage therapy was easy. She had been interested in massage for the past 20 years—an interest that started straight out of high school when Thunder discovered her love for giving scalp massages at a salon job.

She never followed that passion though and years later found herself working as an office manager for a medical device start-up company where she fell into a comfortable rut.  More than 10 years later, a pink slip came as a blessing in disguise and forced Thunder into new territory—college.

Choosing a school to attend wasn’t hard for Thunder, but what was difficult for her was getting back into the groove of being a student.

“My biggest obstacle was learning to study again,” Thunder said.  “It was extremely challenging.”

Learning to study again didn’t hold Thunder back for long though and in less than two years she completed her degree in massage therapy.  To Thunder’s surprise, she was named graduate of the quarter during September’s graduation ceremony for her dedication to completing college and all of the lives she changed along the way.

To the hundreds of generation x workers in a career rut, Thunder says “Find your passion and go after it–no matter what your age.”

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