Communication: The Human Connection

Posted by on October 15, 2012

Ann Deiman-Thornton is the Dean of Faculty at the
Minnesota School of Business – Brooklyn Center Campus and our guest blogger for this post.
“Communication—the human connection—is the key to personal & career success”
-Paul J. Meyer

Communication is the foundation of any strong, successful relationship. In fact, I always say that where there is bad communication there will be dysfunction. This holds true in the instructor/student relationship. It is absolutely critical to have strong, open lines of communication in this relationship in order for it to work. Faculty and program chairs want students to be successful. In order for the relationship between students and faculty to work and for students to be successful in their educational endeavors here at the Minnesota School of Business, it is imperative that we all maintain good lines of communication with one another.

I encourage students to share the following with their faculty members:

  • How the course material is impacting you
  • What you’re learning & additional materials you hope to learn
  • Experiences from your life that relate to the course material
  • How you’re progressing through your program
  • Ways we can best support you & help you realize your dreams

 There is nothing worse for a faculty member to find out after the fact (or at the very end of the quarter) that a student was struggling or had things going on outside their classes that impacted their performance. We can’t support students if this information is not communicated to us.

Good communication is also very important in the work place. We are a career college, so we should anticipate expectations that would be similar to those we would see in the work force, and likewise, we should demonstrate habits/skills/characteristics as though we are in the work place.

Consider your communication skills and how they impact others, in your personal life and here at school/work. These skills are in fact indicative of the connection you have with other human beings. We should want that connection to be a strong, positive, and influential one.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.