Hands IN the Hardware!

Posted by on October 8, 2012

By Susan Furtney

The Lakeville IT Department partnered with the New Prague Area Community Education Department, to offer a hands on class for 15 middle school students to discover the components inside a computer.

Where does this go?  What on earth is this?   Why do I have 13 screws left over?

These were many of the questions that were fired at the Lakeville IT students, Jason Throne and Danny Geerdial, who volunteered their time to help during the class.

We placed a fully functional computer from our lab, in front of each member of the class, along with a tool kit.  Each student was given the challenge of taking the machine apart, including removing the motherboard.  The trickier challenge was restoring the boxes to the same condition they were in before the deconstruction!

The students were fully engaged as you can see in the photographs and we have been asked to offer the class again in November.  The class did amazingly well and almost all of the computers were back in commission at the end of class.  Thanks goes to our hardware class students, who managed to reinsert the assorted parts that were left on the tables after the students left.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.