Business Communication Class Continues Survey Project for the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce

Posted by on October 8, 2012

Students from Business Communication class continued the survey project for the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce Early Fall Quarter. Whereas past surveys gathered information regarding business climate in Lakeville, this project focused on Lakeville citizens’ park usage. Students directly applied the business communication techniques and strategies that they learned in class by cold calling local businesses to get their opinion on topics in which the Chamber was interested. This skill specifically met the majority of the course objectives.

Here are a few direct quotes from students:

“The Lakeville Chamber of Commerce survey was a great learning opportunity. It helped develop business communications skills, presentation skills, and teamwork.” -Ashley M.
“The Lakeville Survey was a great way to learn to overcome objections and continue to act more professionally while respecting the residents.” -Ashley E.
“The survey was a great opportunity to enhance my presentation skills and get over any nerves that I had in front of people, conducting the calls was a great way to reach out to the community.” -Derek
“The survey was a great way to build ideas about marketing and business model development.  It taught and encouraged us.” -Zach
“The survey provided an opportunity to develop soft and hard skills- specifically presentation, communication and data compilation skills. It also taught me how ineffective cold-calling is.” -Will


“Conducting the Lakeville Survey was a great experience!  I learned a lot about conducting market research and business communication through cold calls.  It was also great to benefit the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce at the same time I was learning.” -Benji
“The survey was a good experience as it showed me the specific steps of conducting a survey. It also helped me communicate with people over the phone.” -John A.

Response from Lakeville Chamber of Commerce:

“Thank you for the time and effort you and your students put into providing us with a Park Survey. The survey was brief enough to encourage response, and the questions were well chosen by your students. And their presentation to Todd Bornhauser and myself was very professional. It was refreshing to see their pride and enthusiasm.

We appreciate the partnership we have with the MN School of Business. We hopefully can partner with similar projects in the future.”

-Sheila Longie, President Elect, Lakeville Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.