Are You Ready for DECA?

Posted by on October 8, 2012

Last year, it attracted more than 200 people, brought students’ career-readiness skills up a notch, and it’s back again by popular demand.

Students attending Globe University and Minnesota School of Business, mark your calendars on Friday, November 2, 2012 for the 2nd Annual Elk River DECA Invitational!

The invitational is designed to help students increase their skill level with presenting, working on a team, critical thinking and more.  An individual can sign up to compete in one or many of the following areas/events:

Case Studies:

You receive a case study from your specific focus to review and have 30 minutes to prepare a presentation on how you would develop solutions to the problems presented in the case study.

  • Business to Business Marketing (Team)
  • Business Ethics (Team)
  • Marketing Management (Individual)
  • Sales Management (Individual)
  • HR Management (Individual)

Business Simulations:

You receive a business simulation, which you need to present through role-play and then complete a comprehensive exam on your focus area.

  • Accounting (Individual)
  • Retail Management (Individual)

Any student is encouraged to sign up to compete in the invitational—no matter what program they are enrolled in.  Students in the veterinary technology field, medical assisting program or even information technology can benefit from participating in the event!

“Employers are interested in people who have great soft skills,” says Elk River Business Program Chair Leslie Nicol.  “So anyone who would like to increase their soft skills should sign up for an event.”

There’s more to the invitational than just increasing your career-readiness though.  The event is a great opportunity to network with local business leaders who will act as judges, along with students from several different campuses across Minnesota. 

“I participated in the event last fall,” said criminal justice student Maggie Scheel. “It was my first DECA competition and I took so much away from it that I continued on to other competitions. Every student can benefit from the experience.”

If you are a current Minnesota School of Business or Globe University student who would like to participate in the event, please email DECA Advisor, Leslie Nicol at

If you are a local business leader who would like to serve as a judge, please contact Leslie as well. 

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.