MSB Digital Video Students Bring their Work to the Big Screen Red Carpet Style

Posted by on October 4, 2012

MSB Digital Video Students Bring their Work to the Big Screen Red Carpet Style–          Dean Pederson (Digital Video Program Chair)

On Wednesday September 27th the Digital Video students from the Richfield campus of Minnesota School of Business lit up the screen at the beautiful and ornate Heights Theatre in Columbia Heights. It was a remarkable display of student work. The Digital Video and Media Production Showcase was a huge success!

MSB Students are making their mark featuring their work at historic The Heights Theater

Over 100 students, family, friends, faculty, and staff converged on Heights Theatre and experienced a “red carpet” like event that is certain to leave a lasting memory for everyone who experienced it. The evening could not have been any more perfect than it was. The quality of craftsmanship and artistic creation demonstrated by the work of our students was remarkable. Usually when I attend a student showcase, I hedge my expectations with the understanding that I will be viewing student work. Student work is often a work in progress. I knew that this experience was going to be different. I had seen the projects in a classroom setting and knew just how good the student projects were. Seeing the student’s creations on a full size theatre screen delivered an entirely new experience for me and helped me to realize even more than before, how talented our students really are!

Student work premiered at the Heights Theater!


BFA students who showed their final projects on the big screen! (Back Row L to R: John Griese, Ed Rudoph, Mitch Heil Front Row: Sherri Dahl, Kerri Kleinschmidt)

The audience took in every moment. There was laughter, applause, a sense of drama and suspense, but mostly a great appreciation for what each person in attendance was experiencing. It was evident that the audience was fully invested in the moment. The evening culminated with the presentations of five of our, soon to graduate, BFA students. The students David Crowley, Sherri Dahl, Ed Rudolph, Kerri Kleinschmidt, John Griese, and Mitch Heil were each in attendance and very excited to see their work in a theatre setting. It was obvious that their four years of hard work and dedication have paid off well for each of them! Kerri Kleinschmidt was thrilled with the evening. She said, “When the audience laughed at the funny scenes in my movie, it made all of my hard work worth it! It made me feel really good.” Recent graduate Seth Black was all smiles after the event saying, “It was great to see the great work coming out of our school… it re-inspired me to keep pursuing what I know I want to do.” Clint Atterberry, a Digital Video faculty member and respected Director of Photography noted that this is what it is all about, the opportunity for others in the community to see the high caliber work that our students are capable of. When the evening concluded, there was a deep sense of accomplishment. Jeffery Gigler, a local actor who attended the event said it best in a morning after text to one of our featured students, “Now in the cold light of day… I can repeat my compliments for your movie – great script great casting! I hope to see it out in the wild soon! I look forward to the day I have to pay to see one of our student’s movies… Had the evening cost me the price of a ticket… it would have been worth every penny and much more!


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