IT Students Provide Computer Maintenance & Preventative Care!

Posted by on October 4, 2012

IT Students Provide Computer Maintenance & Preventative Care by Richard Grieman

The Richfield IT Association (RITA) held its quarterly computer service day, known as CTRL-Z, on September 11. RITA is a student club focused on Information Technology education, career networking, and mutual academic support of fellow members.  RITA members donate their time, talents, and skills to help students and faculty with various computer issues, problems, and questions.

RITA (Richfield Information Technology Association) Students and Faculty Advisor, Richard Grieman

RITA has been holding computer service days for the last three quarters. CTRL-Z  has been a popular event among both students and faculty, and this quarter’s event was not an exception.

During the last two quarters, RITA has been emphasizing not only virus removal and major computer issues, but also proactive care for personal computing. This quarter, Richfield students and faculty were encouraged to bring in their machines, even if they had no issues. Over time, temporary files can build up in the browser, and the registry can get out of synchronization with the applications and the operation system. Automatic MS Windows updates can increase memory and CPU requirements. All of this combines to decrease performance of the PC. Simply running any one of several free applications to scan for and correct these issues can have a dramatic effect on improving performance. (Most of these free applications may be found on the Internet.) Many of the PC’s that arrived this quarter were brought in to CTRL-Z for performance reasons, rather than for malicious software and viruses.

Beginning next quarter, RITA hopes to expand CRTL-Z to include practical demonstrations and Internet usage seminars.  Dates will be announced, and all are welcome!

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