First Attempts at Infographics for Visual Learners

Posted by on September 25, 2012

I teach Statics & Strength of Materials and other Engineering Technology classes at NTI School of Technology.  I am always looking for new ways to communicate so my students don’t fall asleep.  The majority of my students are visual learners, which is maybe why they chose to study Drafting & Design and/or Engineering Technology.

I know Infographics are usually made as a marketing tool, the creator hoping it will go viral and bring tons of traffic to the sight.  For me though, it’s just a more creative way to engage students.  I found a free online Infographics creating site, Piktochart, that is very easy to use.  It has five free templates, and of course you can upgrade to more if you like.

Here is my first attempt at an infographic – an introduction to our new NTI Instructor, Tony Greising-Murschel.

And since my teenage daughter is also a visual learner I thought I would try to communicate with her as well with this infographic:

These are obviously not professional, but hopefully easily understood (especially the one for my daughter!).  I will now make some that related to my class to incorporate infographics into my lectures, and maybe print some out to hang in my classroom.

Thanks for reading – that’s all for now!

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