TechRepublic Recommends Five Free Windows Malware Protection Programs

Posted by on September 21, 2012

A well-respected tech blog has recommended five free programs to prevent (and in
some cases remove) malware from Windows PCs. (“Malware” refers to any kind of
virus, spyware or other undesirable “malicious” software that you don’t want on
your computer.)

Jack Wallen writes for TechRepublic, a CNET Professional Brand which can be found at He has recommended the following free programs for Windows users:

1: Malwarebytes

2: ComboFix

3: Spybot Search and Destroy

4: Avast Free

5: AVG Free

Perhaps the best approach, Wallen writes, is to use two of the above programs together:
Malwarebytes and AVG Free. “If your machine is a personal (home) machine, slap
on AVG Free and Malwarebytes and be done with it.” However, he adds, “…always
keep a copy of ComboFix around just in case those tools miss out on some of the
nastier uglies creeping around.”

The complete article can be found at;siu-container .

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