Guest Speaker from Minnesota Zoo Visits Class

Posted by on September 20, 2012

SnakeBird WingsStudents in Lab Animals, Exotics, and Pocket Pets, VT 222, had a special guest speaker this quarter.  Dianna Lydick, CVT at the Minnesota Zoo, came to talk about birds, reptiles, and also her experiences as a zoo veterinary technician.  Students had the opportunity to restrain cockatiels and perform wing trims and nail trims on them. In addition to three cockatiels, a corn snake, a spotted python, a bearded dragon, and a red ear slider (turtle) also visited the class. Dianna discussed husbandry, restraint, drawing blood, diseases, and other information with the students and demonstrated the restraint and blood draws on the turtle and bearded dragon.

Bearded DragonThe students also had the opportunity to ask Dianna questions about being a veterinary technician in a zoo and how to pursue the field. The students enjoyed the opportunity to apply what they read and learned to real animals.

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