Business Field Trips Provide Real World Experience

Posted by on September 18, 2012

Minnie Wagner, Business Program Chair and instructor, enjoys taking the students on field trips. It provides them with real world feel of the fields they are looking to enter.

She took her Supervisory Management class to Schneiderman’s Furniture. The following are the student’s perspectives on the field trip:

Brad – For the field trip we visited to Schneiderman’s furniture store which is located down the block. Lauren Johnson, Store Manager discussed about her daily duties. Some of the things she did were working with employees, getting the janitors to fix things in the store, deal with customer complaints, and make sure the deals on the floor models are the priced according to the deals offered.

Danielle – I thought that the trip went well.  It was a good change to get out of the class room and learn first hand how management works.  Her job sounds like it could be stressful from time to time.

James – During the field trip we talked with the store manager and finding the different job duties she does as a store manager at Schneiderman’s furniture. Also during the time how the store was affected with the downfall of the economy. Plus all the things included in working at Scheiderman’s furniture.

Sami – My experience at the field trip was great. The manager was very nice to take some time from her busy schedule and gave some great advice on interviewing, interviewing tips, and what her job was. She discussed about her challenges dealing with situations that got out of hand and how she resolved with the customers. She also talked to us about what she does on an almost daily basis. She is also certified mattress specialist. Being a supervisor is more than I would expect of it.

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The other field trip was bringing her Business Communication students to Altour. The following are the student’s perspectives on the field trip:

Ashley – Visiting Altour was a good experience for me since I am receiving my degree in Business Administration. Seeing the amount of multi-tasking and how effective her communication had to be was impressive. Her ability to communicate with her clients and keep them all organized in a timely manner. Most people will be very stressful about what needs to be done.

Ashley – It was interesting to learn about the Altour travel agency. We learned about changes in the industry, who they market to, the types of clients they market to, and how they stay focused with their competitor.

Derek – The host was very informational. She gave us a lot of information that was useful. Debbie was very interactive with our class. She maintained good eye contact with each of us. Allowed time for us to ask question. Allowed time for us to ask questions. She had an answer for all of them. Her tone was very well presented and made me interested in what she was saying.

Zach – It was interesting to see specific international business from a baseline position. I wish there were other representatives to talk more about their business.

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