MSB Students Lend a Helping Hand at the Electrolux Health Fair

Posted by on September 17, 2012

April Rolfes administers a blood pressure check at the Electrolux Health Fair.

Minnesota School of Business Massage Therapy and Medical Assisting students gave factory workers at the St. Cloud Electrolux plant a healing hand at its recent employee health fair. Workers who hold jobs with repetitive motion and those who feel the pressures of stress, in particular, commented of the benefit of a free chair massage. Other employees appreciated the blood pressure check and had questions about the warning signs of high blood pressure.

Electrolux has sponsored an annual health fair since 2005 as a free service to its employees and their families–as well as retired workers–to promote healthy habits. Product and service vendors are also on site as well as the nutritious (and low-fat version) of the traditional brat: all chicken!

Electrolux organizer Jenny Spanier said the feedback from employees was very positive and appreciative of the MSB student efforts. Some retired workers had never experienced a massage before and were especially grateful.

The event attracted over 650 participants this year, Spanier said. Expanded space and added vendors were a draw definite draw.

MSB students greatly helped contribute to the fair’s goal to provide a family-friendly event promoting healthy habits to all employees.  “It’s a perk,” Spanier said.

And the Health Fair committee is already planning for next year–with MSB as a featured guest.



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