Tammy Williams: Career Services September Graduate of the Month

Posted by on September 13, 2012

Submitted by Maria Janotta

September 2012 Graduate of the Month Tammy Williams

Tammy was a full-time working mom looking for a school that put the students first.  She also needed the flexibility of taking classes during the day, at night or online.  She chose to major in Business Administration at the Minnesota School of Business to increase her knowledge of the business world so she could apply the skills she was learning in her job.

Tammy utilized the Career Services department to help with job searching while she was looking for employment.  She currently works at Paynesville Area Health Care System (PAHCS) as an Executive Assistant.  She acquired this position by sending her resume and cover letter to a job posting through MinnesotaWorks.net.

Tammy said that as she was finishing up school and searching for a job, she learned that, at times, it is who you know and then what you know in order to obtain a job.  Tammy adds, “Networking is very important in this day and age, and I continue to utilize this even though I’m employed.”

Tammy’s future plans include continuing to learn and be part of all the exciting changes that are happening at PAHCS.  She said she is getting to know the new CEO and is currently part of the core implementation team that will help incorporate a new medical records system next year.  She is only a few months into her job so her goal is to become familiar with the employees and the organization so she can utilize her talents to help her co-workers become more efficient.

Tammy has great advice for students.  She said that she always had her eye on the prize, and as each quarter was completed, she would share her excitement with her friends about completing more classes.  She knew that all of her hard work would pay off.


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.