Brooklyn Center Warriors!

Posted by on September 10, 2012

Team MSB-Brooklyn Center

On Saturday, September 8, nine fearless, brave MSB-BC staff and faculty members headed to Hugo, MN, to compete in the Warrior Dash.  The Warrior Dash is a 5k race that includes 12 obstacles throughout the course.  It is a true test of endurance and strength as well as a willingness to get muddy!

The team included:

  • Jana Gymer-Koch ~ Campus Director
  • Michelle Barsness ~ Communications and Community Relations Specialist, Service-Learning Coordinator, and Faculty
  • Kara Kalbus ~ Faculty
  • Aldina Korman ~ Administrative Assistant
  • Leah Carlson ~ Administrative Assistant
  • Ryan Samuelson ~ Criminal Justice Program Chair
  • Andrew Kagol ~ Associate Director of Career Services
  • Josh Schmitt ~ Financial Aid Administrator
  • Rob Harder ~ Student Accounts

The Warrior Dash is known as the “World’s Largest Running Series,” with races taking place all over the country.  Minnesota is a fortunate state in that two races are held here; the first took place earlier in the summer at Afton Alps.  During Saturday’s race, over 7000 participants took the challenge throughout the day in different waves.

A clean team before the race

The MSB-BC team ran in the 2pm wave.  As mentioned, not only did the team run over 3 miles in the 5k, but they tackled 12 obstacles:

  • Capsized Catamaran: Runners jumped into muddy water, climbed onto floating boxes, and jumped back into the water.  This was repeated about 5 times before finding land again.
  • Barricade Breakdown: Runners hoisted themselves over walls and then climbed under barbed wire.  This was repeated 5 times!
  • Storming Normandy: On dry, rocky land, runners crawled across a significant amount of land being careful to not get caught on barbed wire above them.  Many skinned and torn up knees resulted from this!
  • The Trenches: Runners crawled through muddy trenches with barbed wire above them.
  • Road Rage: Runners climbed over destroyed cars.
  • Diesel Dome: Runners climbed up and over an arch.
  • Teetering Traverse: Runners climbed and balanced on planks of wood.
  • Cargo Climb: Runners climbed up, over, and down a cargo net.
  • Chaotic Crossover: Runners crawled across a teetering cargo net.
  • Warrior Roast: Runners jumped over two rows of fire!
  • Giant Cliffhanger: Runners climbed up and slid down three hills of mud.
  • Muddy Mayhem: After the last hill of mud, runners had to swim across muddy waters.  Everyone had to stay low because of the barbed wire above.

The entire team finished the race with times ranging from 28:30.10 to 1:06:47.10.  Some of the Warriors were muddier than others!

Kara Kalbus

Michelle Barsness

Aldina Korman

Two charities benefited from the race: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Green Sneakers.  In addition to the cost of racing, participants had the option to raise extra funds to go to St. Jude.  Participants were also encouraged to donate their shoes at the end of the race, which went to Green Sneakers.  Green Sneakers takes the shoes and refurbishes them for people around the world.

Congratulations to all of the members of the MSB-BC Warrior Dash team for surviving the race!!  To learn more about the Warrior Dash, please visit their website.

Warrior Dash

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