Brent’s Resources for Writing a Paper

Posted by on September 7, 2012

Brent Schauer ~ Campus Librarian


It is getting toward the end of the quarter, and you probably have to write at least one paper. The resources on the Online Library can help you write a great paper. Let’s take a look at a few of those great




APA Citation Guide


The Online Library’s APA Citation Guide is a great resource.  Papers at Minnesota School of Business must be written in APA style. The APA Citation Guide has examples on how to cite various type of resources, like books, e-books, articles, websites, photographs, videos, and many other types of resources. Also the guide has examples how on to do in-text citations. Finally, there are links to what an APA paper looks like.

Popular vs. Scholarly vs. Trade Sources (

Sometimes a requirement for a paper is to use scholarly sources. What are they? This chart explains the difference between popular sources (like newspapers, magazines), scholarly sources (journals), and trade magazines. A good rule of thumb is scholarly sources have its resources cited, in the article, with a reference page. When doing a search in the Online Library databases, you can limit the search to scholarly sources. If you are confused about whether a source is scholarly, you can ask your instructor or me.

Evaluating Information


I recommend using our Online Library databases to do research instead of Google. But if you are going to use Google to find resources, look at this guide. When doing research online, there are questions you should ask to decide whether it is a credible source or not. This guide lists many good questions to ask when looking at an online source. If after asking all those questions you still aren’t sure, ask your instructor or me.

Brent Schauer is the Brooklyn Center Campus Librarian.  If you need to reach him, contact 763-566-7777, or visit him in the library.

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