Students Bundle their Ideas to Help Local Non-Profit with Marketing Plan

Posted by on September 6, 2012

Dave Erickson's Marketing Strategy class created a strategic marketing plan for Bundles of Love to help the organization recruit volunteers and raise funds.

Marketing students from Minnesota School of Business, Blaine campus, had a unique challenge in creating a business plan for Bundles of Love, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that helps Minnesota babies and their families. The organization needs a business plan to bring in more donations and volunteers, but they’re not looking to grow or expand.

The team of students from Dave Erickson’s Marketing Strategy class met with Teresa Wilts, a volunteer coordinator with Bundles of Love, to discuss their needs and brainstorm ideas. The group came up with several ideas for fundraisers and events to raise money and awareness about the organization.

Part of the marketing plan explores local businesses that could help Bundles of Love  achieve their goals. Recommendations include churches, youth clubs, high schools, colleges, universities, and venues to hold fundraising events such as American Legions, VFWs or church banquet halls. The students also suggest using flyers, banners, and promotional posters to promote the organization and recruit volunteers.

According to Trevor Langlois, a student in the class, through this project, he’s gaining skills that will carry over into his future career, where he can use these talents to run his own business. “Every aspect of marketing has gone into this project, from target marketing, segments, and tailoring each idea to meet the needs and goals of Bundles of Love,” he says.

Hailey Gagne, business student, likes the fact that Bundles of Love does not wish to grow. She explained that this factor made the group hone in on specific areas to focus on, and created a challenge in forming their marketing plan. “We came up with so many amazing ideas to help a great cause,” she said. “It’s a good feeling that we get to help an organization that is already doing good things; they just need the resources to create a marketing plan.”

“Working with the classmates and Dave has been wonderful,” says Crystal Solie, business student. “Each of the group members have strong opinions, and it’s nice to work together. We have a sense of pride for our ideas, and it’s been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.”

The students will continue working on their plan until the end of the quarter, and will present their ideas to Wilts on September 13. Wilts and others in the organization can then decide which ideas to move forward with to reach their goals.





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