Bard’s Trip to the Fair

Posted by on September 6, 2012

Bard Meier ~ Music and Media Business Program Chair


THE PERFECT PILGRIMAGE: To the Great Minnesota Togetherness

What can I say, I looooooooooVe the Minnesota State Fair, and it only took a mere year for this relationship to really take hold. Yes, I do believe this love affair has staying power, and so how bouts a collective wootwoot! for all things fair.

Here in my second year of this annual pilgrimage, I have begun to tweak my perfect fair experience, so
here’s what I’ve got so far and feel free to chime in with your thoughts. I NEED to get this right:



1)   Ask your friends where and what to eat:

  • Sweet Cream Ice Cream was the first and The Perfect Pickle was just that.


Hilary Dahlman (Dean of Students) and Ann Deiman-Thornton (Dean of Faculty) eating the perfect pickles!

2)   More than one day:

  • For the past two years now, I have made it a three day affair with an evening concert thrown in. The third ‘day’ seems a bit much, so a new plan is needed.

3)   Class at the fair is a MUST:

  • Yep, the MN State Fair holds a wealth of learnin’ for my college students, and the dude who said that education isn’t meant to be fun should be fired immediately. I over-reached a bit in trying for a second day of classes at the fair so…lesson learned.

4)   For all my fellow salmon lovers out there, the ‘fresh’ salmon burger is neither worth the $6.50 and the mile hike to the north end to retrieve that fish. Eat more at The Perfect Pickle


6)  To check out some great footage done by our students at the Fair, check out the following links:

Video One                  Video Two

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this year, but tune in back next year, and I’m sure I’ll have a slew of new guidelines for the perfect fair pilgrimage.

Over and out…

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.