Supreme Court Rules on Language of Amendments on Ballots of MN Voters

Posted by on August 31, 2012

As we near the November elections, the Minnesota Supreme Court
handed down their ruling this week regarding language of the voter ID &
marriage constitutional amendments on the ballots of Minnesota voters.

In their 4-2 decision, the majority made clear that they were not
speaking to the merits of the amendments, which would require voters to present
a photo ID to vote in Minnesota elections and define marriage as between one
man and one woman.  Both amendments were put on the ballot by the
Republican-controlled legislature during this year’s legislative session.
The court stopped Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, a Democrat, from writing
titles for the amendments on the ballot.  The court determined that the
language is a political decision best left to legislators, and the Minnesota
Legislature provided titles in the bills as passed.

This decision is seen by many as a huge victory for the GOP.
However, even if the amendments pass, there may be future legal
challenges.  Read more about these exciting election season legal issues:

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