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Posted by on August 31, 2012

Kofi Montzka ~ Paralegal Program Chair

The Paralegal Program has been busy this quarter!

Visit to The Bridge for Youth and District Court

My American Legal Systems class went to visit The Bridge for Youth.  The Bridge has an emergency shelter, transitional housing, as well as many other services for youth.  The students toured the shelter and transitional housing and learned about how The Bridge helps the community and about how they can volunteer.  After the tour we went to the Hennepin County District Court to watch trials and hearings.  We were able to catch the closing arguments of a very interesting trial.

Hennepin County Probation Speaker

A Hennepin County Probation Officer came to speak to our American Legal Systems and Investigations class.  Other students from MSB also attended.  We learned about how probation officers function in the legal system and she gave them tips on how to get a job in probation.


My Legal Research II class and some other paralegal students went downtown Minneapolis to get training on how to e-file in State Courts.  As of September 1st, all documents filed with any Minnesota State Court must be filed electronically and the training is required before anyone can file.  It is imperative that our students have this training so that they can put it on their resume and let employers know that they know they are ready to e-file when they begin working.  Paralegals must know how to e-file because in some firms the attorneys rely on the paralegals and legal administrative assists who do all of the filing.  The students found the training very valuable.

Healing House

On Friday, September 7th, my family law class will be doing our service learning project at the Healing House.  The Healing House is transitional housing for women and children where they can live for 12 to 18 months.  They receive job training and begin to look for employment.   Our class is going to the Healing House to teach the women about Family Law because many of them have issues regarding divorce, custody, and child support.  The students have done a fabulous job preparing for the event. They have prepared handouts on alimony, child support, custody, and other aspects of family law.  They prepared a great jeopardy game to test the women’s knowledge after we present the information.  The manager at the Healing House asked us to also present on what a Paralegal is since the purpose of their program is to help the women get training and find employment.  Stay tuned for another post on how the event went!  


For more information on the Paralegal Program at the Brooklyn Center Campus, please contact Kofi Montzka at 763-566-7777.

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