Information Technology Student Hired Prior to Graduation

Posted by on August 30, 2012

An Information Technology student at MSB Blaine was offered, and has accepted, a
full-time position with a global I.T. services company. The position involves network architecture and design for a mission-critical system at Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport.

Nick Peterson, an Army reservist with combat experience deployed to Iraq and Bosnia
decorated with the Bronze Star, was chosen over several other candidates for a network support analyst position with ServiceTec International, Inc. The position will require design, implementation, and management of a computer network that will manage logistics requirements for all departing and incoming flights at MSP airport.

MSB’s soft skills training, including the Insights program was critical to Nick’s being chosen for the position. He met the hiring manager by coincidence as he was working his part-time job in a motorcycle service and parts store. A customer asking for a motorcycle parts turned out to be the hiring manager, and he was so impressed with Nick that he discussed the opportunity with his company on the spot.

After careful discussion with his wife, Nick decided to interview for the position, and was selected officially on Friday, August 24.

The position will also require travel to one of ServiceTec’s facilities in Tennessee, where Nick will manage a network for short periods of time while other personnel are rotated.

ServiceTec clearly understood and valued Nick’s pursuit of his bachelor’s degree in I.T,
and pursuit of an IT position with MN Army National Guard. In addition to supporting Nick’s professional development through cross-training and short courses, they offered to pay Nick at a full 40 hour/week rate even while he is attending classes between now and his expected graduation date of March, 2013.

“MSB’s policy of offering the ability to audit previously-taken classes after graduation without tuition charge was very impressive to ServiceTec,” Peterson told his I.T. program chair, John Daley. “Since technology changes so rapidly, the ability to audit classes free of tuition shows a dedication to lifelong learning, which is essential in the rapidly-changing field of I.T. ServiceTec considered that a significant asset when evaluating me for this position.”

Nick also will pursue advanced certifications through Benchmark Learning in Edina,
MN, a Globe Education Network partner.

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