Veterinary Technology Students Experience the Miracle of Birth

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Three kittens were born on August 15 to a cat on campus from the rescue group, SCRAM

Veterinary Technology students from Minnesota School of Business, Blaine campus gained experience beyond the curriculum this quarter. During week five, Maggie, a cat from the rescue group, Stray Cats Rescue Association MN (SCRAM) gave the students a big surprise.  She delivered 3 kittens on surgery day, Wednesday August 15. “When Maggie came to us for services we were aware that she was pregnant but we did not realize how close to delivery she was,” said Sara Croft, Veterinary Technology Program Chair.  The Imaging instructor, Julie Oglesby, CVT, took a radiograph that confirmed the pregnancy the team was able to identify 3 kittens.  This was an exciting find for the students.  Photographs were taken during the birthing process and will be used for educational purposes on campus.

In addition to the kitten surprise, students from the Lab Animals, Exotics, and Pocket Pets class were surprised to find that the campus’s rat, Baby, newly adopted from Petco on Monday August 20, 2012, delivered 4 ‘pups’.  Two of the pups are colored like the mother, a hooded rat, and the other two will likely be albino, solid white rats.




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