Junior Veterinary Technology Success

Posted by on August 24, 2012

Community Education Junior Vet Tech at Minnesota School of BusinessMinnesota School of Business Lakeville Campus hosted two community education classes over the past week with New Prague and Lakeville Area Community Education Departments. This class was for children who love animals and want to learn more about the care of their pets. This class was led by students and staff of the Veterinary Technology Program.

The class featured many dogs, cats, and bunnies for the children to interact with. The class started with an introduction and a game. The game was a version of BINGO that involved matching up the animal with the food that they eat. The children and parents were then split into three different groups to rotate through stations.

Community Education Junior Vet Tech at Minnesota School of BusinessThe first station involved learning about animal diseases and how to identify them. The children looked at samples through microscopes to identify the diseases. The second station took the children through what happens during a checkup for a pet. This included the entire process from nose to tail. The third station discussed grooming and general pet care from brushing to nail trimming.

Community Education Junior Vet Tech at Minnesota School of BusinessThis class was a great opportunity to help children become more familiar with everything that happens in a veterinary office. It also helped them become more familiar with how to care for their current and future pets at home.

While this course was designed around the children, the parents were very involved with asking questions and being participative. Many of the families present had pets at home or were planning on owning pets in the future. This helped to give the families a better understanding of what is involved with owning a pet.

Community Education Junior Vet Tech at Minnesota School of BusinessFor the students of the Veterinary Technology Program, this was a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge that they have gained through their education. They were excited to assist with this community education class and know that they have helped spread the word about the importance of pet care to a new generation.

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