Stay Safe at the Brooklyn Center Campus!

Posted by on August 21, 2012

Jaime Tamez ~ Safety and Facilities Lead

Jaime Tamez is the Safety and Facilities Lead at the Brooklyn Center Campus.  When asked what the top three issues are for students and staff to be aware of, he reported campus safety, medical incidents, and weather safety.  Jaime had the following information to share about each:

Campus Safety

Campus safety is a matter that everyone should take part in whether you are a student, staff, or faculty member.  All persons who enter and exit the school property should focus on protecting each other.  If you suspect something suspicious, please report that as soon as possible.  Also, be on the lookout for any security flaws throughout the building and report them as soon as possible.  A few examples of security flaws could be unattended bags, unattended unsecured classrooms, persons without proper identification on the premises, blocked doorways, items used to prop open entry and exit doors during hours when the locks are secured, lighting issues, and more.

Students and faculty members who need to report a crime should notify one of the following administrators as soon as possible after the occurrence of the suspected crime: front desk, Campus Director, Director of Admissions, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Career Services, Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty.  A student who wishes to report a crime and who cannot immediately locate an administrator should report the crime through the main reception desk. The receptionist will immediately convey important information related to the crime to appropriate authorities. A student needing immediate assistance should first report to the reception desk. At the earliest possible opportunity, one of the administrators will be notified. GU/MSB does not have licensed counselors or pastoral counselors on staff. Any information reported to a GU/MSB official will be held in confidence at the victim’s or witness’s request.

Medical Incidents

If a medical incident arises, report it as soon as reasonably possible so assistance can be provided immediately to the victim.  For instructions on how to assist the victim if a staff, or faculty member is not readily available, you can refer to the red folder in each
classroom for further instruction on how to best assist a victim.

Weather Safety

During periods of severe weather, you may be subject to stay within the confines of
the building.  The determination of whether you will be subject to stay on premises will be up to the campus leadership who will disseminate the information down to safety committee members and eventually down to the students and staff.  For all matters regarding severe weather, please refer to the red folder located in the classrooms.


For more information about safety procedures at the Brooklyn Center Campus, please contact Jaime Tamez at 763-566-7777.  If you are interested in viewing consumer information for our campus, please check out the following link: Consumer Information

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